Time Consuming and Annoying Website Updating and Maintenance

Mar 01

Time Consuming and Annoying Website Updating and Maintenance

The question has been asked of me ” What is the most annoying thing you have to do when you run a website? “. The answer to that question would have to be updating and maintaining the websites. Maybe it is because I have so many that I have to do daily is why, but it does not matter because it is an necessary evil so to speak.

All scripts no matter what you run or even straight HTML code has to be updated and kept that way for security and function. There really is no way around it you must do this! To leave sites with out updating is definitely opening yourself up to many issues and some are quite serious like; giving your visitors viruses or opening your site up to be hacked.

I recommend to everyone who asks me how many times or when should you do these chores to check on your site at least once a week. Make sure your pages are loading with out errors and see if anything needs to be updated. If you find it does need to be updated then DO IT! Do not be lazy or say ” I’ll do it later “. Do it when it needs it, because not doing so can cost you far too much time and money even possibly getting your website banned.

I also recommend that you log into your cpanels ( or what ever your hosting backend is ) and download your email filters – sql – home directory – and full site backups to your computer once a month at least. Then remove the old backups from your website. You should also have an external or flash drive to place the backups that you just downloaded onto instead of hosting them on your system, as this will help to ensure that your backups do not get corrupted because as with anything electronic, things happen and you want to keep your backups as safe and clean as possible in case you need to restore your website.

If you need any help in doing this you can always ask us or even hire our team as we do provide this service.

Be safe, Update, Backup!

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