Fantastico-Installatron-Softaculous Use or Not?

Feb 16

Fantastico-Installatron-Softaculous Use or Not?

Fantastico-Installatron-Softaculous all of these auto plug n play installers are good for those who do not want to

  1. Learn how to install the script yourself.
  2. Hire someone to install the script for you.
  3. Make any changes to the script at a later date.
  4. Only want to depend on the installer managing the script for you i.e. updates

If all of the above is you then by all means use it as they are very good with what they do. If however you find yourself wanting to add special mods to the script or designing it to look the way you want then you really do not want to use an auto installer as mentioned.

The auto installers create a special permissions for only them and they limit the ease you will have to add mods or update the script on your own. It is best to learn how to install the script manually so that you may change the mods, update the script and make other changes to the core with out getting a server side permission error.

If you need help in making this choice then please feel free to contact us that is what we are here for!

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