How to be a Good Web Design Client

Jan 20

How to be a Good Web Design Client

I am not your typical web designer, webmaster, website mistress so with that being said I am going to speak a little about myself and what makes my job as your designer easier , I feel every designer would like to see what I would in a client. But I also realize we are different people so this may not pertain to everyone.

1. Know what you want and learn how to convey that to me.

a: Sporty to me means hockey, camping, hunting, baseball, Kentucky basketball, Indiana football. You may or may not see my list corresponds to your idea of sporty, so the bottom line is that I need you to be specific with me.

b: Be clear on what you want and let me know things like:

  • Your goals for your website
  • Where or how you want to reach your customers
  • Colors or logos specific needs
  • Overall message or personality of the website
  • Do you already have a domain name?
  • Do you need our hosting?
  • Do you need us to manage the site for you?

c. I ask for you to send me the following extra information so I can learn more about who you are :

  • 2  urls to websites you love.
  • 2 urls to websites you think are just ok.
  • 2 urls to websites you hate .

2. Provide the Content for the Website or access to it

We need to have the content or access to it which would include any of the following:

  • images
  • what you want to say on the page
  • what pages you need or want
  • access to log ins that has the content we need
  • urls to videos – music etc.

3. Trust me to do the job you hired me to do

I am an artist when I am working on my art, when I am building a website I am in coding mode. I am a professional and have worked very long and hard hours to learn what I know to get the job done. If you ask me to do something and I say “It can not be done” I will tell you why…very seldom have I run across this when I just have to say that but there has been the rare occasion where I have. Normally I can do pretty much anything you need for the website and get the job done in a very timely manor.

If  I tell you a particular color would be better or layout unless it is your brand colors try to trust me on that and give it a shot.

4. Respect & Cost

While I would love to make more then 10.00 per hour I live in a small community and normally charge small town prices. With me the customer service and quality you get far surpasses what I quote you, so the point is to try and understand that. Try to treat me as though you are paying the going rate because I will treat you as you are and with the upmost respect!

All though I put in long hours to create your website my hours are not 24×7 365. I have a life off line as well, children, grandchildren, business ( brick N mortar ), office hours etc. If you need special appointments or want to work with me on a Sunday – Holiday etc. call me or email to set up those special appointments. I am more then willing to find a schedule that will fit your needs.

I quote you high normally and try to do the job cheaper, I also require 1/2 deposit of the agreed upon price down and that is NON-refundable. This protects my time and work I put into the initial phase plus helps me to purchase the things I may need to for your website. If you decide you want to go elsewhere halfway through through the job then I have that as a bit of compensation. The balance is due when you say the job is done and I am willing to take payments if needed on the balance.

I am a firm believer in you running your own website, your website should be in your control and I train you in running it. If you have questions or need to be reminded on how to do some thing I am always just an email or phone call away.

If for whatever reason you choose to hire me to manage your website I do also provide that service, so let me know and I will quote you for that.

5. Give me Your Honest Opinion

I need to know if you like what I build for you. If you do  not like something or see a misspelled word or want to try something a little different let me know. Criticism does not offend me, it is the way you say it that matters. I need to know if everything works for you, do you like the layout, does it meet or exceed what you wanted?

Bottom Line we are building a relationship to obtain your goals for your website and we need to treat each other with respect and love of human being, we both need to communicate and ask questions of each other. Do not be afraid to speak to me and ask questions and rest assured I in turn will you.

I truly hope that you have enjoyed this post and that it has helped you to understand what I or others may  need to do the job!

I get very excited to see your goals come to life and love working with you every step of the way if you consider using my services then please be sure to contact me via the contact page here or through our sign website Thanks for taking the time to read and feel free to send me your thoughts on this post!

Blessings & Love,